Drawing of sleek bronze female form Quick drawing of portrait model Jack Pastel of mature female model Drawing of slender patinated bronze female figure Drawing of marble profile of Dionysos
Impressionistic drawing of small bronze of young woman with eagle Black & white drawing on gray paper of marble sculpture of Heracles Drawing of terracotta portrait of Roman man Drawing of marble sculpture of young Columbus Pen&ink and watercolor drawing of a street in old Glasgow
Black&white charcoal drawing on brick-colored paper, subject: bronze bust of Aristotle Quick sketch of bronze of Dante and Virgil Drawing of young woman partially draped in a kimono Drawing of group of female figures from scupture by Gustav Doré Life study of a young male model
Drawing of marble sculpture of a greyhound Drawing of terracotta portrait of an aristocratic French woman Drawing of a Medieval church door Drawing of a girl in her teens Drawing of a terracotta sculpture of a group figures
Drawing of a marble sculpture of a young woman Life study of a young woman Drawing of a marble scupture of a young man Serigraph of a child's conception of a house Drawing of a mounted insect specimen
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